Who is interested in a Post-Fourth-of-July Restorative Yoga Practice?

Date: Thursday July 5th
Time: 6-7:30 pm


Happy Fourth of July to Everyone!

Tedrah is offering a special pop up class,THURSDAY, July 5th, to beat the heat.

The class will focus on poses that will rest and cool the systems of the body, and relieve fatigue brought on by the heat.

And of course, it will be fun!!

Come celebrate the holiday and chill out with your yoga family.

Fee: $20

Please message Tedrah directly by email or text if you want to come. She needs a minimum of 5

Tedrah or text 901-483-9642


Conscious Connected Breathwork

Meets the following Sunday afternoons, 1-3pm
July 15th
August 12th
September 16

Conscious Connected Breathwork / is a safe and powerful breathing process that releases tension from the body, freeing it, so that we may live to our highest vision and unlimited potential.

The breath is the ultimate healer. It is the umbilical cord to the divine. By using a variety of smoothly connected breaths, energy which may be called Prana, Chi or Ki, or life force, is taken into the body dissolving and washing away anything that is contrary to life. When this takes place we become aware of our blocks and what has been holding us back; an inner cleansing occurs.  Daniel's complete bio.

Class fee: $35 per class


for more info or to sign up for the class. Phone #901-685-2462



Healing Meditation Classes with Daniel Lamontagne

8-week Course Level 1
Starts August 21
Tuesdays 4 - 5:30pm
Teacher: Daniel Lamontagne

8-week Course Level 1
Starts August 23
Thursdays 7 - 8:30pm
Teacher: Daniel Lamontagne

8-week Course Level 3
Starts August 22
Wednesdays 7:15 - 8:45pm
Teacher: Daniel Lamontagne

**Each subsequent series can be repeated for $125 for the course.
Daniel for more info or to sign up for the course. Phone 901-685-2462


Daniel’s personal journey in the last 37 years has taken him to explore many styles of meditation, which includes Taoist/Buddhist/ Confucian traditions. In the past he also studied with the Memphis School of Metaphysics and the Nexus holistic community, taking classes in self-development, meditation, and healing.

In 1997, Daniel was selected to participate in John Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Professional Training Program at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center. He also completed training programs with ARTI, Loving Relationships Training, and Mindfulness Schools Curriculum K-12. In 2012 Daniel received the Natural Awakenings favorite Meditation Teacher Award in Memphis. Read Daniel's complete bio.


Scientific Evidence shows that meditating regularly:

  • Improves overall health by strengthening the immune system
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Makes you smarter
  • Promotes body awareness
  • Increases Alpha Rhythms (which is a relaxed state but not drowsy)
  • Breath rate decrease
  • Heart rate decrease
  • Lowers blood pressure (even when you’re not meditating)
  • Turns on genes that prevent disease, turns off genes that promote disease.
  • Enhances psychological and emotional health
  • Helps expand your mental and physical potential
  • Helps you concentrate
  • Lowers the amount of cortisol and lactate acid in your body

Daniel's classes are constantly updated with the latest research on meditation.
Lots of handouts are given in each class for home practice and contemplation.

For the early-morning adventurer:

Next session starts Monday, July 2.

Learn to face your challenges with an equal measure of inspiration & determination.

Build strength and endurance.

Develop flexibility in body and mind.

Cultivate a strong will and a fierce heart through a consistent yoga practice.

With persistence and consistent practice every person has the capacity to change. Each person will be challenged according to his or her experience-level. 

Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher Leah Nichols guides these intense yet playful practices to start your day off right!

Sign-ups are for a month at a time.
Boot camp class fee: $80. (No drop-ins to this class. No make-up classes.)

Email Leah with any questions or to reserve a spot.
(This class is not a part of our regular 8-week series.)


Foundations of Yoga: A 5-Week Course

This class is offered several times through-out the year - stay tuned for future dates.

The series is progressive, building on skills week-to-week as the student develops strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, and confidence.

Classes will emphasize postural alignment and precision in the basic standing and seated poses and end with final relaxation. Shoulderstand will be introduced.

Students will build a solid foundation needed to progress to other classes at Evergreen Yoga. Mats and props are provided. Those with previous yoga experience wishing to refine their understanding of the fundamentals are welcome.

Contact Leah with any questions. We have not yet scheduled the next Foundations Course. If you want to be assured you know the next start-date for the course, sign up for our e-newsletter on the home page.

Email .



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Our center's director, Leah Bray Nichols, opened EYC in 2006 because she wanted to teach yoga in an authentic and clear way.
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