Class Descriptions:

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Use this guide to determine the class for you.


Introductory & Basics

For students who are new to yoga. Students build confidence in the standing poses and learn the foundational yoga concepts including active relaxation. If you are new to yoga, you should attend an Introductory course (men can take Introductory class or Men's Class).  View schedule



Gentler pace

This class is specifically designed for those who want to move at a more measured pace than the regular Introductory class.  This class will provide time between poses for observation and correction in the poses. You will be challenged to work at your capacity, and to build strength-endurance in the standing poses...according to your needs.  This class is 15 minutes longer so that we can end each class with deep relaxation. View schedule


Level 1

Standing poses are emphasized and Sirsasana (Headstand) is introduced.  You should have a solid foundation in the Introductory work, including consistent experience with Sarvangasana (Shoulderstand).  Students will explore the mechanics of forward bending and back extension and will learn additional skills to aid relaxation.  View schedule


Intro & Level 1:

This is a combo class open to students of either level. You will be challenged according to your level of experience.

Level 2

Students attending Level 2 classes are expected to have a consistent and longtime yoga practice of at least one year. You will be expected to have developed your practice of Sarvangasana (Shoulderstand) and practice it for 5 minutes at a time.  You will be expected to have had experience learning Sirsasana (Headstand) from the Level 1 classes.  We will work on more intermediate poses including arm balances. You will need to practice yoga at home in between classes. If you have any questions about your readiness, email us with your questions before coming to class. Sometimes Level 2 is combined with level 1. View schedule

Mixed Level:

Open to all students, with at least some yoga experience.

Men's Class

Open to all men. No yoga experience necessary. You will learn the basics of Iyengar Yoga, with an emphasis on postures to bring flexibility & strength to the legs and back. We also work on core strength and shoulder flexibility. Wear clothing to class that enables you to see your knees.  View schedule

Prenatal Yoga

We will practice poses specifically for pregnancy. This class is designed to soothe your nerves, address discomforts, and prepare you for labor & delivery. No previous yoga experience needed. You may start the classes one you are 11 weeks along.  Most women come to classes right up until baby's due date. This class is currently being offered on Thursdays at 6-7:15pm.


Healing Yoga 4-class Series

Throughout the year we offer special classes dedicated to the healing benefits of yoga.  These series are in addition to our regular class schedule.  Each series will have it's own focus.  The current healing series is designed for the knees with a syllabus based on Lois Steinberg's book Iyengar Yoga Asana Alternatives: The Knees.  These classes are appropriate for yoga students of any level.


New Student Registration-Waiver Forms:

All new students will need to complete a registration form. For your convenience, you can download it below and bring it with you to class. We will also have copies of the form at the studio front desk.

Click here to download registration form.






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Our center's director, Leah Bray Nichols, opened EYC in 2006 because she wanted to teach yoga in an authentic and clear way.
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